Mountbatten in Bangkok

Complete your MBA in Thailand

Mountbatten in Bangkok

Following your year in London or New York, you will go to Bangkok, Thailand, to finish your MBA classes and dissertation.

An experienced team to support you

The Mountbatten Program's Asia Pacific Regional Office maintains a study area for students of St Mary's University, Twickenham. The office provides advice and support to students on all matters relating to their stay in Bangkok and manages the apartments in which students live.

Research Facilities

Seminar classes and research facilities are located in central Bangkok in a world-class learning environment. The facilities have fully-equipped and modern classrooms, lecture rooms and computer centers with oversight of faculty from St Mary's University, Twickenham.


Each student has a single, comfortably furnished room. Each is furnished and comes with cable TV, internet access, and air conditioning, all of which is included. Our apartments are located near quick and reliable transportation and are within easy access to research and teaching areas and the Mountbatten Program office. The Mountbatten Program also provides transportation passes. Security is provided in each apartment building and students are required to sign in guests and visitors.

Bangkok Field Trip