Fees and Funding

The Mountbatten Program MBA costs approximately 26% less than the average US MBA and includes professional and international experience, accommodation, academic books and more.

Fees and Funding

What does the Mountbatten Program include?

In addition to the MBA degree and international professional experience, Mountbatten provides:

London or New York

  • Rent-free accommodation
  • A monthly living allowance (12-months)
  • Coordination of your Tier 5/J-1 visa
  • Utilities
  • Academic books and materials
  • On-site support


  • Rent-free accommodation and utilities in Bangkok for 14 weeks
  • Travel expenses on lecture days
  • Lunch on seminar days
  • Visa fees for Thailand
  • Health insurance for Thailand
  • On-site support

Program Fees

Total cost including Program Fee and Tuition: USD $37,000

On average, US students spend between USD $50,000-$80,000 on tuition alone for an in-person MBA program.* This cost does not account for books nor housing during their studies, which can add up fast. Additionally, there is an opportunity and skills cost when students are out of the workforce for so long.

The Mountbatten Program provides a 16 month, in person, two continent MBA, as well as a year of full-time professional experience, all for a fraction of the cost of the average US MBA.

Find a breakdown of Fees and details on Funding for the MBA based on the city, London or New York.

* MBAprograms.org