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Elizabeth Kurz (née McWhirt)

Elizabeth Kurz (née McWhirt)

Posted 01 May 2015

London Program

August 2007 Intake

Elizabeth Kurz (née McWhirt) (August 2007 - London), a graduate of the University of Richmond, Virginia, is a an extremely motivated entrepreneur who started a business to transform her life, and that of many others.

What your company is/does, and your role in it?
I'm an online health and fitness coach and I work with Beachbody (creators of Insanity/P90X/21 Day Fix) to provide options for those wanting to make a positive change in their lives. I work mainly through social media meeting new people across the U.S. and Canada, building relationships, digging down deep into their needs, and why they want to make a change for the better. I also provide my customers with unwavering support individually or set them up with groups made up of other individuals with similar goals. One of my favorite parts of my job is building a team of coaches and helping to develop them into great leaders for their customers and coaches that join them. To be able to provide someone with the opportunity and hope to take charge of their own life, dictate what they're going to do with it and their time is so awesome!

Our community is just so powerful. Seeing someone transform from an insecure, hopeless, over/under-weight, unhappy individual, who is possibly drowning in debt up to their eyeballs or just miserable in their job into someone who is confident, feels amazing, full of joy, successful, positive attitude, financially free to do what they want....and knowing that you played a part in that.....the feeling is indescribable.

What inspired you to set it up?
I knew I ultimately wanted to be "the boss" in something, but I didn't know what that was. I also wanted to feel successful and know I was impacting lives in a positive way. I have always loved health and fitness. I was a hard core athlete growing up, though I struggled later in life with being over-weight, battling eating disorders, feeling very insecure and down right depressed. When the opportunity of being a coach, running my own business and teaming up with a company that is just a powerhouse of positivity presented itself, it was a no brainer for me.

Mountbatten played a monumental role in building one of the foundations to my business. I have to live outside of my comfort zone....a LOT. Packing your bags, moving across an ocean to a foreign country in your early 20s when you're broke, and starting your first real job when you know NO ONE...that's very scary and uncomfortable. However, pushing through that was extremely rewarding because it turned out to be one of the best years of my life! During days when I feel paralyzed by the fear of going after a huge goal, I reflect back on my time in London and Mountbatten and what I could be rewarded with in the end if I just keep moving forward.

How you went about setting it up and getting established?
To put it simply. I made a decision to take action. To take back control of my life, how I looked and felt about myself, how I wanted to live, and what opportunities I wanted to be made available to me as I live my life.

Almost 5 years ago, I completed the Insanity program. I then completed P90X amongst a plethora of other programs. I LOVED THESE PROGRAMS. They were doing so much for me and helped me lose and keep off 35lbs. On social media, I met my coach. She was seeing my physical and mental transformation and success so she asked me if I wanted to join her team and pay it forward. I didn't have to think twice!

What your future plans involve?
I just quit my "9-5 job" to coach full time. The opportunities are endless for me and they can evolve into almost anything. I'm currently building my website, www.kurzfit.com, and trying to create a bigger social media presence for myself. Going forward, I want to keenly focus on finding people who are just like me. Those that want more out of life, who want to pay it forward, who want the freedom of their schedule and the power of choice. I want to find those people and develop them into leaders so that they can go out and impact the lives of those that are out of my reach.

Any words of advice/wisdom or encouragement for others thinking of setting up on their own?
If you have a passion for something or a great idea, you just have to DO IT. Don't think about it. Just do it. Time is going to keep ticking whether you're living out your dream or not. Start brainstorming, create an action plan, get ready to meet with a lot of failure...but with that failure will come an equal amount (if not far more) success! Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

If you're someone who is insecure or unhappy with how you look/feel, or you want more out of life, you have a passion for helping others, and you want to work on your own self-improvement, please don't hesitate to contact me! Let's change your life and/or others' lives together!).

You can reach Elizabeth or follow her on her website, by email, on facebook or on Instagram.